Exhibition held at the Bar Castillejar in Lincolnshire

Exhibition held 5th to 8th of February at the Bar Castillejar, New Street, Louth, Lincolnshire
Organised by East Lindsey Domestic Abuse Service Volunteer Coordinator, Mandy

The Exhibition was a great success. We had 104 candles and a minute’s silence to mark the closing of
the Exhibition. It was a long week and the Exhibition received some good publicity from BBC radio
Lincolnshire, Estuary Television, the police and crime commissioner and the Domestic Abuse
Coordinator for Lincolnshire alongside the Deputy Chief Constable to name but a few. I staffed the
Event myself from 11am to 7pm daily and have to say I never imagined it would be such a success or
considered the impact of being surrounded by the shoes alongside the disclosures of abuse that came
from visitors. I couldn’t bring myself to pack the shoes away or blow out the candles and had to rely
on volunteers/colleagues to do this. I was very tearful at the end.

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