Raising Awareness in Prisons

We are taking our shoe exhibition into HMP Greenock, the first time in a prison. Prior to the exhibition, we have been asked to hold an awareness raising session with prison officers. There will be a core group of prisoners working within the education department curating the photographic exhibition, with content supplied by us. The physical shoes will be displayed for a day – with a white board for comments – for those prisoners interested in attending and all who work in the prison. Then two photographic shoe exhibitions will hang on the walls of the two dining rooms, with comment boxes, for a few weeks. There might be an opportunity to have an awareness raising session with prisoners also. As Greenock is a mixed prison with about 50 females and 160 males, we have had to consider the aspect of raising awareness for not only the victim as male and female, but also the perpetrator as male and female. The Scottish Prison Service Headquarters are also very interested in this event and have asked to have the exhibition displayed at headquarters. There will be a full written assessment by the head of education at Greenock, which will go to headquarters.

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