Children and young people experience domestic abuse as victims and as witnesses to the abuse of

other family members. They are not to be forgotten in the fray.

We have taken the shoe exhibition into an Academy setting, where throughout the day teachers

accompanied pupils from all years to view 60+ pairs of shoes and corresponding comments arranged

across the floor of the school hall. Various support agency leaflets were available and pupils were

invited to write observations, comments and questions on a ‘talking wall’. Many did this.

Accompanying staff remained vigilant, ready to engage with pupils who might be adversely affected

by the exhibition. Several were.

Noticeably there were pupils who viewed the exhibition a second and even a third time, returning in

the break and at lunch time.

Discussion with senior teaching staff has shown that the effectiveness of the shoe exhibition can be

maximised when linked to e.g. Religious & Moral Education subjects; specific units e.g. Domestic

Violence; annual day or week events e.g. Anti-bullying week; as a topic for tutor periods, essay

writing, art, drama, competitions and volunteer awards. A leaflet outlining the exhibition and its

possible uses is available for distribution to Head Teachers.

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